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TRX Repair Shop is your trusted partner for comprehensive truck services, from maintenance to repairs, ensuring your fleet's peak performance.

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Our Collision Repair Services

TRX Repair Shop offers a wide range of expert services for trucks, ensuring reliability and top performance.
Engine Service
TRX Repair: Engine Service for Your Truck's Peak Performance.
Driveline Service
TRX Repair: Driveline Service Ensures Your Truck's Reliable Performance.
Trailer Repair
TRX Repair: Trailer Service Ensures Safe and Reliable Transport Solutions.
DOT Inspections
TRX Repair: DOT Inspections for Compliant and Safe Truck Operations.
Transmission Repair
TRX Repair: Transmission Service Ensures Reliable Truck Gear Performance.
Engine Overhaul
TRX Repair: Engine Overhaul for Restoring Truck Performance and Reliability.
TRX Repair: Expert Welding Services to Keep Your Truck Strong.
Fuel & Exhaust Systems
TRX Repair: Fuel and Exhaust Expertise for Peak Truck Performance.
Heating and Air Conditioning
TRX Repair: Heating and AC for Comfortable Truck Journeys Anytime.
Trailer Systems
TRX Repair: Trailer Systems Expertise for Smooth Hauling Operations.
PM Service
TRX Repair: PM Service Keeps Your Truck Running Smoothly Always.
Rear End Repair
TRX Repair: Rear End Service for Safe and Smooth Trucking.
Fully Equipped Repair Shop Facility
TRX Repair: Fully Equipped Facility for Top-Notch Truck Care Solutions.
Commercial Truck Oil Change
TRX Repair: Swift and Reliable Oil Changes for Commercial Trucks.
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Suspension Maintenance
TRX Repair: Suspension Maintenance for Smooth and Safe Truck Operations.
Electrical Systems
TRX Repair: Electrical Systems Expertise for Your Truck's Reliability.
Preventive Maintenance
TRX Repair: Preventive Maintenance for Reliable, Trouble-Free Truck Performance.
ECM Diagnostics
TRX Repair: ECM Diagnostics for Precise Truck Engine Performance Analysis.
DPF Cleaning
TRX Repair: DPF Cleaning for Cleaner and Efficient Truck Emissions.
Computer Diagnostics
TRX Repair: Computer Diagnostics for Precision Truck Troubleshooting and Maintenance.
Truck Tire Service
TRX Repair: Tire Care for Your Truck's Smooth Roll and Safe Travels. Schedule Now
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TRX Repair Shop is your trusted partner for comprehensive truck care. With a dedicated team and cutting-edge facilities, we ensure peak performance, reliability, and safety for your valuable fleet.

All Makes Models

Expert Truck Care for All Makes Models.

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Quality Control: Our Top Priority Every Day.


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Repair Process

Our meticulous repair process ensures every detail is attended to, guaranteeing your truck leaves our shop in prime condition.
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Quality Control: Our Commitment to Your Truck's Excellence.


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Our Experience & Knowledge

With decades of experience and a deep reservoir of knowledge, our team at TRX Repair Shop is equipped to tackle any truck maintenance or repair challenge. Count on us for expertise you can trust.


Customer Testimonials

TRX Is The Best

Outstanding service at TRX Repair Shop! They fixed my truck's engine issue swiftly and professionally. Highly recommend their expertise.

John Smith

TRX Is The Best

TRX Repair Shop is my go-to for truck maintenance. Their skilled team ensured my trailer systems were flawless. Impressed by their dedication.

Sarah Johnson

TRX Is The Best

Incredible experience at TRX Repair Shop. They provided top-notch transmission repair that got my truck back on the road smoothly. Excellent service!

Michael Williams

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